Global Research Studies in Education have highlighted the importance of formative assessments as well as teacher collaboration as practices which have high impact on improving student learning outcomes.

Impact of Formative Assessments

Practice of Formative Assessments provides feedback to both students and teachers. It ensures that every child learns in the classroom.

Teachers with information & observations on each students’ progress and difficulties in real time, are enabled to modify their practices to meet the diverse needs of students in their classrooms.

Assessments become ‘formative’ when the data & insights from the assessments are used to tailor lesson plans to meet learning requirements of the students.

Research Evidence on
Formative Assessments

Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment by Paul Black and Dylan William (1998)

Using the analogy of black box as the classroom, the authors present evidence for formative assessments being the tool that lies at “the heart of effective teaching.”

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Assessment for Learning- The Case for Formative Assessment by CERI

The paper presented at OECD Conference analyses the implementation of the formative approach as an exemplary practice carried out in secondary schools in eight education systems.

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The Power of Feedback
by John Hattie, Helen Timperley

The Teacher Collaboration In Perspective project consists of materials that can help educators and leaders to understand collaborative practices among teachers.

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In the recent times, research in education has highlighted the need for teacher collaboration and its impact on student learning. It is being recognized through various successful examples from different countries that professional development of teachers needs to be re-imagined from a perspective of teacher led peer learning communities where teachers can collaborate and find answers to their challenges collectively, learning from each other’s experiences and expertise.

Need for Teacher Collaboration

Teacher Collaboration in Perspective - Spencer Foundation

The Teacher Collaboration In Perspective project consists of materials that can help educators and leaders begin to understand collaborative practices among teachers.

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Leading Collaborative Professionalism
Andy Hagreaves & Michael T O' Connnor

This paper sets out a number of different collaborative designs to improve collaboration among educators in ways that enhance equity and excellence in student learning.

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What if Finland's Great Teachers Taught in Your Schools?' - Pasi Sahlberg

Lessons from high-performing school systems suggest that we should also protect schools from prescribed teaching, toxic accountability, and unhealthy competition.

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