IEC’s work across the 8 states is an amalgamation of insights from working closely with rural communities and panchayat institutions, teachers and education department functionaries to transform the education system. The experiences gained from the field are shared here which demonstrate the implementation of the learning and governance approach.

The video captures the implementation of the capability based learning approach in Meghalaya. The School Management Committee President, Mr. B. Khonglah from East Khasi Hills takes us through the program, sharing his views, the changes he has observed in teachers and students participating in the learning approach. The teachers also share their perspective on the need for learning transformation.

The video shares the Integrated Approach adopted by IEC during the closure of schools imposed due to Covid-19 lockdown. The approach focused on ensuring that children continue to learn within their existing environment. Learning resources were created in collaboration with teachers through Virtual Teacher Collectives. School Management Committees and Panchayats played an important role in disseminating the learning resources and identifying volunteers from within the community who could support children in the learning process.