IEC’s greatest strength is in the quality and character of leadership that has engaged

IEC’s greatest strength is in the quality and character of leadership that has engaged from grassroots (bottom-up) while founding an organisation and leading from the front, thereby bringing in the understanding of the real issues while having a vision of the systemic change that is required. A thorough understanding of the terrain, landscape, players shapes the design of a plan that fits into this architecture, combined with a conviction of what works and what does not.

IEC is guided by a team of Advisory Board Members as well as a Board with rich experience which is diverse, that spans education, livelihood, technology, corporate and other sectors which lends a lot of credibility and adds value to the organisation.


Board Members

Maya Ramachandran
Educational consultant

Team member- PMU, TN Education Transformation Programme, Senior Development Professional

Prof Sharvani
Head of Department, Botany, Yuvaraja College, Mysore University

Ph.D. Botany. Mysore University, Senior Academician, Ex-Development Professional

Senior Teacher Educator

Senior Teacher Educator, Senior Development Professional engaged in the field of Education and learning

Founder & Chief Functionary, IEC Ashoka Fellow

Ex-CEO/COO-Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (2011-15)
Founder & CEO, Prajayatna (2000-10)

Prof M.A. Khader
National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

Previous Faculty and Head,
Curriculum Group, NCERT
Ex-Director, SCERT, Government

Hyma V
Development Consultant

Ex-CEO, Tommy Hilfinger, Senior positions in Tanishq, Ex-Group CEO, Pradhan, Deep and varied experience in senior leadership positions in the Corporate sector and the Development Sector