Facilitating Systemic Change through focus on Strategic Areas of Impact

Peer Led Teacher Professional Learning Communities

Monthly academic meetings initiated at cluster level for teachers to share, review and plan for improving their teaching-learning practices through self-identified needs.

Decentralization of Education Governance

Activating local governance structures at every level : School, Village, Block and District to develop, consolidate and execute a shared vision for change in education.

Assessment for

Assessments are the lever that drive learning in a classroom, for what gets assessed, gets addressed.

Facilitating Change across the Ecosystem

Demonstrated Through



Two decades of deep engagement with schools and communities



60% more students attaining grade-level competencies



Practices backed by research with long term impact

Current Highlights

Learning Continues during COVID-19

During the pandemic, the IEC team focused on supporting children to continue to learn from home, through working with teachers and community members.

Teacher Collectives Impact both beliefs and practices

Suzana Brinkmann writes in an Economic and Political Weekly article about the important role played by Teacher Collectives in shifting teachers’ worldviews and practices towards a learner-centred vision of education.

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Strengthening an ecosystem of systems thinking practitioners