Teacher Collectives Impact both beliefs and practices

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Suzana Brinkmann writes in an Economic and Political Weekly article about the important role played by Teacher Collectives in shifting teachers' worldviews and practices towards a learner-centered vision of education.

“Why have three decades of pedagogical reforms failed to translate the learner-centred vision of national documents into reality? This paper presents empirical research that corroborates what Indian educationists are increasingly noting, that there are entrenched cultural mindsets restricting a shift in India’s education system. The research finds three central worldview beliefs widespread among government teachers that contradict the assumptions of policy documents and in fact of the Constitution: a belief in inequality vs equality, knowledge transmission vs liberty of thought, and purpose as individual advancement vs fraternity. In turn, teachers simply reflect the worldviews they themselves experience, creating a vicious cycle.”

By Suzanna Brinkman

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